Orchid Minder Hardware v0

29 Nov 2017

The first version of the hardware consists of an Arduio Uno and two moisture sensors. The v1 of the system is depected with this fritzing layout

Orchid Keeper Project Overview

28 Nov 2017

This next series of posts will document the creation of a system to use for monitoring the soil moisture, ambient humidity and other environmental events for my orchids.

Xcode Crash with xib Files

10 Jun 2014

Ran into a little issue today that I wanted to post about, if for no other reason than I wasted a lot of time searching for the answer.

Section Headers for NSFetchedResultsController

25 May 2014

Recently, I wanted to add section headers to an NSFetchedResultsController, so that I could have sections in the corresponding UICollectionView. The Apple Documentation is clear that you add a value to the sectionNameKeyPath method when you are creating the controller. Setting the value to nil will return a fetched results controller with only 1 section. Providing a value for the sectionNameKeyPath will create one section per unique value of the key path.

First Day of Release

20 May 2014

Today we released version 3.0 of the Massage Therapist Notebook. It’s an update that was over a year in the making for a number of reasons. Because it had been so long we released it as soon as Apple approved it rather than waiting until we had the marketing materials in place.

Integrating Ensembles into MTN

18 May 2014

Sync is becoming an expected feature of any serious application. I have begun to add the Ensembles Framework to the Massage Therapist Notebook. I expect it to be in the 3.1 release.

Concatenate Strings with Defines

03 May 2014

I have a project that uses URL’s for my test environment when I am debugging and URLs to the production environment. These URL’s are long and the API team seems to keep changing them. Originally, I had the URL’s in each of the classes that talked to the API and they looked something like this.

Back on Track

01 May 2014

Let’s try this again.

Using Xcode-select and bash aliases

04 Oct 2013

Here is how I have set up Xcode 4 and 5 on my Macs and how I switch between them.

Test Device Tango

28 Sep 2012

With the release of iPhone 5 and Apple dropping support for arm v6 (so, effectively dropping support for anything that won’t run iOS 4.3) we have to shuffle some things around.

Our Philosophy on Apps for Kids

14 Jul 2011

Caroline’s Cat Game hasn’t even been in the App Store a whole day and we already got our first complaint: why are you charging money for this app?

Quote from Today's MacTech Magazine

09 May 2011

“you may find yourself struggling to achieve something, and then later find that there’s a Cocoa class that does it for you.” - Edward Marczak